For schoolchildren


    I have brought to school page products that are schoolchildren help and support. Most products are suitable for grades 1-6. 💜

    ⭐ Hopping products and chewing products:
    - Helps to chew fingers, nails, shirts and erasers.
    - Especially suitable for children who have difficulty concentrating or find starting school stressful and exciting.
    - Suitable for school lessons
    - They look great!

    ⭐ Reading strips help:
    - Focus on reading
    - To follow the text of the book
    - Focus on the right line
    - Makes the contrast of the text easier to read

    ⭐ Pen supports help:
    - Find the right handwriting. Suitable for right and left handed people.
    - When using the pen support, there is no need to squeeze the pen, so the hand does not get tired so easily.

    💜 💜 💜