Speeches and webinars

Speaker Sirkku Jauhiainen, founder of MyDyslexia

The purpose of the MyDyslexian.fi store is not only to sell learning tools, the bigger goal is to raise awareness about dyslexia and learning disabilities.  I want to help people who are struggling with reading and writing disorders just like I am.

That's why I started offering also speeches and webinars in MyDyslexia site. Easy way to subscribe to schools and companies, speaking gigs. I also organize webinars, which anyone can participate in, regardless of location.

I tell my own story. How reading difficulty has affected me as a child, young person and adult.

Participant comment:
Hey, I was just at a lecture at Rauma OKL, where you were talking to us. Thank you so much for increasing your understanding of learning difficulties. Not just about dyslexia, but also about all the challenges that children have to wrestle with in school and learning. Your speech was by far the most open and best lecture from this perspective on special needs education. Thank you, thank you, thank you
yt. Minna

I received greetings from my parents ’evening yesterday from my husband. Told me about your show and was completely speechless! Loved it very much and said it has never been a better parent’s night! Had raised a lot of thoughts. - Satu

- For anyone who wants to understand what reading difficulties really are and how a child can be helped and supported.
- For companies that want to raise awareness of diversity and encourage everyone to be their own best version of themselves.

Speeches and webinars