MyDyslexia founder

(Picture: Me Naiset, Sanoma ja Piia Arnould) 
Sirkku Jauhiainen, the founder of MyDyslexia, one of the leading expert in learning difficulties with strong personal experience.

I have dyslexia, and I've done a lot of work to hide it, so that no-one would see it. And it has been tough and stressful. Now I have decided to share my story and stop hiding and being shame of it. I am what I am, and that's enough. 

I give speechs about dyslexia and coping with it for companies and schools. I tell my story as it really is. I want to increase awareness of what it’s like to live with dyslexia. Dyslectics need a great deal of encouragement and help from early age. We are all different and need to be given space and appreciation. I feel that we need to talk more about this.

Dyslectics can be a gift and great possibility if we just see them the right way and give dyslectics a chance. We need people who think and see the world differently.

My story: Why I am telling this? Because I want to be an example that difficulties can be overcome, and these can be turned into strength.

Dyslexia is my burden, which I have carried since I was a little girl, and still today it pulls me down and affects me negatively. I have learned to hate and to be a shame of my dyslexia, but I cannot change the fact I have dyslexia, there is nothing I can do about it. This is a part of me. I have suffered a lot because of the it and two times been close losing my life because of this, so now is the time to be open, accept and take responsibility for dyslexia. 

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