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Get first-hand information on how you can support learning in the best way possible.

It is important that different people can bring out their full potential. This is easier said than done.

The speaker and founder of MyDyslexia, Sirkku Jauhiainen, shares her own story and helps teachers and parents encourage their children to be themselves.

“I tell my own story. How dyslexia has affected me as child, as teenager and as adult. How dyslexia has changed me in good and bad. I also give tips on how to help in learning”.

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The speech usually is 45min - 1,5 h.
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The story about challenges, overcoming them and continuing to live life the way it is.

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Speeches and webinars

"Difficult things can be turned into strength..”
- Sirkku Jauhiainen, founder of MyDyslexia

Order me to give a speech at your company

In the workplace, it is important that everyone can bring out their full potential. 

Being unique is your superpower. 

How to support the child in learning challenges?

MyDyslexia founder Sirkku tells her story about how dyslexia have affected her. You will also hear concrete tips on how to help your child.

customer review


Really good webinar. Got a lot of real information about dyslexia. It was a great that you told your story. We heard that there’s a lot you can achieve in life, you just have to work harder for it.
There were a lot of good tips on how to learn despite the dyslexia. Big thanks!!

Merja H.

Through your story I understang better my child. I realised after hearing your story how strong the feeling of failure can be. It is really important that you talk about this. I would like all teachers to have an understanding of the issue and ways to support children.

Eva M.

Thank you so much for increasing understanding of dyslexia. But not just about dyslexia, but also about all the challenges that children have to wrestle with in school and learning. Your speech was by far the most open and best lecture from this perspective on special needs education. Big thanks!