Five Little Pandas

Five Little Pandas Strategy Game, 4+ age


Five Little Pandas Strategy game - practicing numbers and strategic thinking.

The players form pairs with the pandas, the number has a total of 5.

Game goals:
- Learning the numbers 
- Chapter 5 decomposition 
- The number of perceiving

Game play:
Mix the game cards and place them on the table two of the pack face up. Put one card in the middle of the table. The first player gets to choose which stack he raised the card.

The goal is that on the table card and player draw card pandas, the number is a total of five. If a player succeeds in forming a card pair, where there is a total of five pandas, the card is injected overlay, set the discard pile and the player gets one chip. The player gets a continue and get each to form his five panda cards a couple of chips. If the player does manage to form a five panda cards a couple of, he raised one panda card on the table and the turn passes to the next player. Always if a player does manage to form a five panda cards pair, he raises the cards on the table, and the turn passes to the forward. The game continues until all cards have been played. The discard pile can also be made to the new deck which is played in the second round. The game winner is the player who is the end of the game the most chips.

2-4 players, recommended age 4+.

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