Lasten Aktiivityyny Kiila 33 cm TOGU® Dynair WB Kids

Children's balance cushion, 33cm TOGU®


Sitting on a balance cushion makes it easier for a child to concentrate. The balance cushion is perfect for a child who has difficulty concentrating and staying still.

Can be used as a balance and wobble cushion to aid ankle stability and balance, or as a seating cushion to improve posture and stop fidgeting caused by ADHD. Playful to look at and functional, the Junior Wobble Cushion can be used to encourage 'active siting' for kids.

When to use it Can be used at home or in schools to help promote correct posture and improve their core stability.

Because of its ability to improve balance, posture and core stability.

Colors: Green, turquoise, blue and red. balance cushion colors vary depending on stock! You can make a color request in the order details, but we cannot guarantee that it will be fulfilled.

TOGU® balance cushion: made of plutonium, which is elastic, antistatic and odorless. It does not contain latex, nor prohibited phthalates or heavy metals. Dimensions: approx. 33 x 33 cm Durability: approx. 200 kg.

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