Form lottery game, 4+ age


Form lottery game - practices geometric shapes and how to recognition them. The game can also be played as a memory game!

Game content:
6 plastic game frames 6 x 9 plastic cards depicting six different shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval and star. Each shape is represented by nine images, one of which is a geometric shape card and the other cards depict the same shape in objects.

Aim of the game:
Vocabulary development, practice of colors and shapes, perception.

Give each player their own game frame. From the cards, select all the cards that represent the geometric shape (cards that do not depict any object, only the geometric shape in blue). Distribute each player's own geometric shape. Place the remaining cards face down on the table. Players take turns raising one card, telling them what object it depicts and what shape the card has. A player with a card of the same shape gets the card for himself. The winner is the player whose board is filled first with cards of their own shape.

Option: The players raise their cards to themselves. The goal is to be the first to get all six different shapes into your game frame.

Option: Same way, but when raising a card, the player only names the object it, not the shape. Other players have to deduce the shape.

Option: Place the playing cards on the table as a memory game. 

For 6 players, 4+ ages.

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