One more one less

One more, one less game, 5+ age


A super fun game!

One more, one less game you learn the perception of small numbers, number signs, and logic by combining number, point, or object cards with hint cards.

Separate number cards, dot cards, and picture cards into different deck of cards and choose which one you want to use. Choose one of the three different colored hint card sets and arrange the hint cards so that the card with the smallest number in the middle picture is the top one, the next smallest number after it, and so on.

Combine the cards with the hint cards so that similar cards are always on top of the same hint card. Eventually, a logical whole is formed on top of the hint cards, with the numbers 1-2-3 on the top row, 2-3-4 on the second row, 3-4-5 on the third row, and 4-5-6 on the bottom row.

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