Time Timer Plus 60 valkoinen

Popular: Time Timer Plus 60 min, white


Time Timer is a handy everyday tool!

Time Timer Plus 60 now in white! Helps the child focus on tasks. The Time Timer is more illustrative than an hourglass, and not ticking like a timer.

To set the time for the task, turn the red pointer dial on the clock in the center of the clock to the desired time. The indicator plate illustrates the remaining (decreasing) time during the entire work. The end of the time is indicated by a beep. You can also turn off the beep. The clock runs silently, so it doesn’t interfere with concentration.

  • Teaching children the concept of elapsed time
  • Making homework and practice time more productive
  • Reducing conflict in family and household routines
  • Managing the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer”
  • Empowering teachers to teach instead of constantly monitoring behavior
  • Increasing performance on tests and in the workplace
  • Keeping meetings on time and moving forward
  • Transcending language and culture barriers

Features of the Time Timer PLUS:

  • Protected red disk
  • On-the-go handle
  • Center-dial for setting the disk
  • Optional alert
  • Volume control
  • Silent operation – no ticking
  • Oversize numbers

Powered by an AA battery, not included. Carrying handle. The Time Timer Plus has other features that increase comfort and safety: the indicator plate is protected under the plastic cover and the battery compartment cover is closed with a screw. The beep sound is infinitely adjustable.

Time-Timer Height 17 cm. NOTE! If the Time Timer Plus does not work even though the battery is new, make sure the clear plastic plate that protects the dial is securely in place. It can rise if the timer gets hit or falls to the floor.


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