Tunne - Aisti - Toimi. Tuntoaistipaketti

Emotional-Sensory-Action. Sense package


Emotional exercises for everyday life. The package includes a book and picture cards that support the book's exercises.

The exercises in the book help alleviate sensory problems with playful exercises suitable for all ages who need to practice their senses. Picture cards help to structure training situations. The book has a comprehensive, pragmatically written theoretical part, instructions for exercises and tips for making materials. Problems caused by abnormal regulation of the senses may manifest as awkward behavior in everyday situations.

They impede concentration and thus affect learning. When the sensory exercises in a book are done in different everyday situations or games, the child may not even notice that at the same time his or her sensory control problems are being rehabilitated. Repeated and long-term exercises help and give the child ways to cope with challenging situations themselves.

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