The Finnish Diverse Learners' Association

- support, information, advice and training on learning difficulties and other learning challenges.

The Federation is a non-governmental organisation that promotes learning, study and employment opportunities for learners of all abilities, as well as social inclusion. We produce and organise guidance, counselling, peer support and training for learners and professionals in different fields.

"Our aim is to develop and implement support measures and services for learners with different needs at all levels of society and equally across Finland," says Sarianna Reinikainen, Executive Director of The Finnish Diverse Learners' Association.

In order to promote this, the association influences many different networks and also directly influences decision-makers. One channel of influence is the Support Group for Learners with Different Learning Needs in Parliament, chaired by Paula Risikko and vice-chaired by Eeva-Johanna Eloranta.

Early identification of learning difficulties and access to support at all stages of life are key objectives. This is not achieved equally in Finland, with wide regional and school variation, and puts different learners in an unequal position.

The Finnish Diverse Learners' Association has

Our operations in a nutshell (in Finnish)